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Exercise and physical fitness should be something that is enjoyable and effective! Whatever form of exercise you plan to do it should directly correlate to your goals. To frequently people fall into trendy workouts that are not necessarily set up for long term results. There is no reason to start a training regimen that is isn’t Practical for your lifestyle. The name Practical Power originated because regardless of the type of exercise it should empower you to be the best version of yourself you could possibly imagine. Within each discipline, sport, or type of workout I have found there to be a similar cycle. It starts with a need; this can range from losing weight to making basic lifestyle duties easier. Then you have the desire, you found your route to success and are excited to start! Then comes the commitment and the work, you put in the effort consistently. Lastly, you end up with some form of self-appreciation.

This cycle is apparent for any form of exercise you do. This is why I chose an infinity sign to represent this journey. There are endless possibilities along the way and with life ever changing you need to be able to adapt. Practical Power Personal Training is here to help you reach all of your goals throughout your life and to keep you moving and pushing forward!


Clare Smith

Certified Personal Trainer

Alchemy MMA Practical Power Personal Training- Clare Smith

For me my first true passion was swimming, there was no greater feeling than gliding through the water. I was heavily involved with that and other sports throughout college and I began to heavily focus on my physique in order to pursue my goals in those areas. With the many years of repetitive, unforgiving movements, I ended up with a lot of imbalances and injuries. I had to take time off to rehabilitate all the injuries and during this process I began truly well-balanced strength and conditioning programs. I started to love how practical and useful these other forms of training were and I just needed to know more. After multiple college courses on biomechanics in addition to a personal training certification, I eventually found myself with a full major in Athletic Training. The workload was brutal and the time commitment was borderline unmanageable yet there was nowhere else I’d rather be.

Now I have the luxury of working as a personal trainer for the purpose of a healthy lifestyle and not competition. It’s a different world than what I was used to but I’m just as passionate about it and now I’m able to share all that I have learned with my clients. Seeing them not only reach their fitness goals but truly understand what they’re doing, why and how it works and truly having a grasp of their own bodies is more rewarding then anything I could’ve imagined growing up.

I didn't realize it at the time but I came up with the name for the gym back in middle school. I have a hand written blueprint of my basement set up as a gym. It was perfect! The weights were next to the old grill, the core section was near the furnace, and much more. It was a dream that I held onto for all these years and wasn’t totally sure if it would become a reality. If that little girl could see me now, I think she’d be impressed. I have finally set up a place where people of all fitness levels can come into a comfortable, friendly environment and take that first step towards changing their lives for the better; using a name and idea that I jotted into a notebook a decade ago.

Everyone is different, each with a story that is not replicable and this job gives me the chance to listen and help develop a positive life change that integrates with their unique path. I leave work happier than when I arrived. It is one of my many passions. That’s my story, I can’t wait to hear yours!


Alchemy MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Resistance Band Training Alchemy MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Agility Ladder Drills
  • One-on-one attention that will ensure safe and effective exercises that will get you to accomplishing your goals.

  • Tone your entire body by engaging all your muscles in this full body workout

  • Increased energy and strength in your daily life

  • Not having to be surrounded by a crowded facility that impedes your ability to get your workout in.

  • Improved cardiovascular health and endurance

  • o We work around your schedule!!!

  • After an intense cardio kickboxing workout, you’ll notice your mind is clear and your body is energized rather than feeling drained

  • You get the whole gym to yourself without any pressure!

  • Develop workouts specific to your body and your needs

  • Constantly changing workouts to prevent plateauing

  • Have fun with a unique workout experience you won’t find anywhere else!


My background in Athletic Training and sports medicine has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the mechanics and physiology of the body. This gives me a unique opportunity to structure a program specifically designed to benefit your individual body type and needs.

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